J. M. Pogodzinski, Ph.D.


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International Consulting



June 1999. Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Advised Department of Macroeconomic Forecasting and Financial Analysis, Ministry of Finance on tax revenue estimation. Presented seminar on revenue estimation to staffs of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Fiscal Reform Project, and Parliamentary Budget Office.


May 1998. Tirana, Albania. Advised Ministry of Finance on cash management, tax revenue estimation methods and models, and development of macroeconomic statistics using data from tax registrations and declarations. Work on cash management was with Treasury Department of the Ministry of Finance; tax revenue estimation work was with Fiscal Analysis Unit of the Ministry of Finance; development of macroeconomic statistics involved work with the Tax Administration Department of the Ministry of Finance. Provided training on revenue estimation methods to staff of Fiscal Analysis Unit.


January 1998. Tirana, Albania. Advised Ministry of Finance on tax revenue estimation methods and models. Focus was on developing models, and identifying data suitable for estimation of the value-added tax and customs revenues. Provided training to Analysis Sector of Ministry of Finance, and also assisted Ministry of Finance in development of its Bulletin.


December 1996-January 1997. Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Advised Ministry of Finance on revenue estimation methods. Issues included estimation of value-added tax (VAT) receipts, profits tax receipts, and tax arrears. Constructed data sets and programs in Excel to implement various models of tax revenue estimation. Presented briefings to First Deputy Minister of Finance and staff of Financial Forecasting Unit of Finance Ministry's Macroeconomics Department.


August 1996. Tallinn, Estonia. Part of two-person U.S. Treasury team advising National Tax Board on revenue estimation of value-added tax (VAT) and enterprise income tax. Constructed econometric models of revenue estimation, and collected data from a sample of taxpayers for microeconomic simulation model. Worked with officials of the National Tax Board, Central Bank, Ministry of Finance, and Statistics Office.


May 1996. Sarajevo, Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Advised Ministry of Finance of Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina on tax policy and intergovernmental finance, focusing on fiscal relations between the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and ethnic cantons created under the Dayton Accords.


June-August 1994. Estimated econometric model of cost of health care facilities in Senegal for Abt Associates' Health Financing and Sustainability (HFS) Project. Wrote draft report (co-authored with Ricardo Bitran and Steven Brewster) entitled Cost, Productivity and Efficiency of Health Care Facilities in Senegal: An Econometric Study (HFS Technical Note No. 28).


June 1994. Participated in the preparation of Abt Associates' bid on a USAID RFP entitled Madagascar Market Infrastructure Expansion (MIX). Responsible for identifying categories of short term consultants and reviewing and editing technical issues of design approaches section.


June 1994. Assisted Abt Associates in conducting Secondary Mortage Market Study Tour under Indo-US Housing Finance Expansion Project.


May 1994. Participated in the preparation of Abt Associates' bid on USAID RFP, Management Contract for the Voucher Housing Component of the Russian Military Officers Resettlement Housing Program. Had primary responsibility for recruiting Russian organizations and individual Russian consultants to participate as subcontractors on Abt's bid. Also recruited US individuals for long term assignments under the proposal.


March 1994. Team Leader of a two-person team from Abt Associates dealing with housing cooperatives in Zimbabwe on a USAID-sponsored task. Responsible for assessing the impact on housing cooperatives of institutions, policies and practices of the Government of Zimbabwe and the City of Harare. Met with more than thirty officials of the city of Harare and the Government of Zimbabwe. Provided briefings to Minister of State for Cooperatives, Government of Zimbabwe and to USAID director. Prepared report on constraints on the development and successful operation of housing cooperatives in Zimbabwe. Key policy recommendations included introduction of modified market allocation ("managed competition") of building lots (serviced stands). Under existing policy serviced stands allocated administratively, with a waiting list of 86,000 households. Also recommended various bureaucratic/legislative changes, including creation of "fast track" processing within critical ministries/agencies and full deregulation of market for land surveyors.


October-November 1993. Assisted Abt Associates in organizing and conducting a USAID-sponsored study tour for mortgage loan servicing officers from MosBussinessBank (Moscow).


October 1993. Assisted Abt Associates in preparing a proposal (Proposal to Provide Expert Services to the National Housing Forum, Republic of South Africa) to address various housing issues in South Africa.