J. M. Pogodzinski, Ph.D.


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Working Papers

"A Note on Crone's Test for Non-Convexity of the Social Production Set"

"Existence of Equilibrium in a Tiebout-Median Voter Model with Property Taxation" (with David L. Sjoquist)

"Game Theoretic vs. Median Voter Tiebout Equilibria"

"Reform of the Polish Housing Market: Estimates of Housing and Labor Market Interaction"

"Construction Costs and Housing Characteristics: An Empirical Analysis" (with Isaac F. Megbolugbe)

"The Value of 'Full' Ownership Rights: A Hedonic Study of Warsaw"

"Land Use in Planned Economies: A Survey of Eastern Europe" (with Daniel P. McMillen)

"Economic Aspects of Human Factors/Ergonomics"

"A Model of the Effects of Zoning on Household Location"

"The Effects of Mandatory Job Accommodation on the Labor Market" (with Tom Means)